Welcome to the ISMOP project webpage

ISMOP project aims at carrying out research into complex system for embankments monitoring and threat forecasting, which includes the following aspects:

  • massive and continuous collection of measurement data,
  • optimized data transmission,
  • interpretation and analysis with the use of numerical simulation,
  • reporting of visualized results to appropriate authorities.

Innovation is all about comparing embankments monitoring results of the simulation research with the ones conducted on a real physical model.

For the purpose of the research, an experimental embankment is to be constructed in flood plains surrounding Vistula river and several destruction scenarios are to be run. Final results will be presented to the national authorities responsible for flood risk policy and flood management.

The project is carried out by consortium members, namely,  AGH Science and Technology departments (Computer Science, Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Geoinformatics and Applied Computer Science) and two companies (NEOSENTIO and SWECO Hydroprojekt Kraków) in co-operation with Czernichów Community Council.

The experimental embankment is being built in close proximity to the Agricultural High School in Czernichów.