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Scientific and industrial consortium is to carry out research related to complex system for embankments monitoring and threat forecasting that includes, amongst other, massive and continuous collection of measurement data, optimized data transmission, interpretation and analysis with the use of numerical simulation and reporting of visualized results to the appropriate authorities.

The project outcome will consist of:

  • exact and economical monitoring methods,
  • energetically autonomic measurement and data transmission,
  • dynamic simulation model adapted to local conditions,
  • guidelines for a computer platform that ensures efficient forecasting of flood risks during emergency periods.

Final results will be presented to the parties responsible for flood risk policy and management of flood risks.

Innovation is all about comparing embankment monitoring results of the simulation research with the ones conducted on a real physical model.

For the purpose of the research, an experimental embankment is to be constructed in flood plains surrounding Vistula river and several destruction scenarios are to be run.

Objectives and targets

The main purpose of the project is the development of a complex system that supports authorities in flood risk management by providing information on dynamics and intensity of processes that occur in river embankments.  

As a result of data processing, it will be possible to assess the likelihood of embankments breach, embankments stability as well as determine not only the time and place but also the cause of breach.

Research aims to deliver methods and foresight tools including ways of presenting test results that support the authorities’ decision making  and response.

Thanks to analytical and projections methods, and a module that supports decision making process, continuous delivery of data provided by the system is possible which in turn leads to improved efficiency of the authorities as far as regional and national flood risk policy and management of flood risks are concerned.